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Curadle Pet O2 Brooder
The O2 Brooder has several features outlined in this infographic. The O2 can be controlled up to 40%, it is compatible with oxygen concentrators and tanks, works with nebulizers, has LED lights, heating, and air filters.
A picture of the white and blue RCOM oxygen brooder 90 that has a small dog inside looking content.
A picture of the white and blue RCOM Oxygen Brooder with a happy beige Pomeranian inside.
Curadle Pet O2 Brooder
A picture of the white and blue oxygen brooder 90 with a removable tray and a sliding window.
A  picture of two white and blue oxygen brooder 90s with a building rack used to stack them vertically reducing floorspace.
A picture of the white and blue oxygen brooder 90 showing a tray accessory that can be used for separating animals, a litter box, or as a birthing area.
The basic components of the oxygen pet brooder include: manual, power cord, mounted air filters, oxygen tubing in 3 sizes (6, 8, 10mm), multi-connector for 6mm oxygen hose, and a nebulizer socket piece.
Curadle Pet O2 Brooder
Curadle Pet O2 Brooder

Curadle Pet O2 Brooder

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The Curadle Pet Oxygen Brooder 90 is an oxygen chamber and a brooder that can be used for your pet from birth to when they require life-sustaining care. 

NOTE: This product requires a separate oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator to operate to it's full capacity. This product does NOT control humidity and does NOT have a humidity read out.

Features include: 

  • An oxygen concentration system to aid pet recovery: An AI device controls the oxygen system automatically, creating a safe treatment environment. The oxygen concentration can be increased up to 40%, with normal air being around 21% saturated with oxygen. An AI alarm system notifies you of any low concentrations, making it easy to check the oxygen status as well as looking at the LCD control panel for a current O2 % reading.
  • Nebulizer connection interface: A hose compatible with various nebulizers is provided. A treatment mask is NOT necessary, as medicine mixes naturally into the internal air. Pets do not feel stifled inside the device, allowing them to relax as they are treated. This can be used simultaneously with oxygen treatment.
  • Automatic temperature control to help maintain body temperature: Automatically maintains the temperature at the desired setting between 70F-100F. A centralized heating method, way better than a heating pad, offers an environment suitable for newborns, sick, or pregnant animals. 
  • Simple, clean management: An internal air filter cleans out hair, dust, and other foreign substances to only provide clean air for your pets. The filter is made from a fine mesh and is washable for convenience but should be replaced every year or two. 
  • Easy-to-clean removable tray and sliding acrylic window: A washable, removable tray and removable sliding window make cleaning easy.
  • Creating a cozy atmosphere for pets in pain: Stress is not good for people, and definitely not for pets! Getting oxygen therapy at home, in a warm and cozy environment can reduce stress in your pets, allowing them to focus on healing.
  • Five-stage adjustable internal LED lamp: An adjustable internal LED lamp with five levels of brightness allows you to provide easy care to your pets, even in the dark. 
  • Soundproofing, for sound-sensitive pets: Internal soundproofing creates a quiet environment to help your pets relax. 
  • Maximum space efficiency: The cylindrical shape allows small and medium-sized pets to feel comfortable inside, so the machine can be used as an exclusive space just for your pet or for a whole litter!
  • Accessories: 
    • Building rack for stacking multiple units: Use the building rack to stack another Curadle Brooder on top. This is great for caring for multiple animals at hospitals and animal shelters. (* Building rack sold separately)
    • Secondary Tray: A small secondary tray can be attached inside as a litter box for cats, a birthing box, etc. (* Secondary tray sold separately)
    • IV PoleAn IV bag holder that can be attached for pets that need to have medical fluids administrated. Ease of access makes this an essential piece for many hospitals and rescues. Made of stainless steel, the holder comes with four hooks for medicines and is foldable for convenience. (* IV pole sold separately)

Use of Medical Oxygen: Precautions and Side Effects

  • Prolonged usage of high oxygen concentrations (over 40%) damages the lung epithelium, eventually causing pulmonary edema or general pulmonary inefficiency. 
  • If premature infants are treated with high concentrations of 50% or more, fibroplasia of the posterior surface of the crystalline lens in the eye develops. 
  • Convulsions may occur when exposed to hyperbaric oxygen exceeding 1 1/3 of the air pressure. 
  • Respiratory depression may happen when individuals with respiratory distress are administered high oxygen concentrations. 
  • Continuous use of high oxygen concentrations (100% oxygen for 3 to 30 hours) can cause major pulmonary problems and irritation such as chest discomfort, coughing, and dyspnea (reduced lung capacity and increased dead space).
  • In the initial phases of oxygen update, macrophage functions may be compromised even at an oxygen concentration of less than 50%. 
  • Be caution when inhaling oxygen, as CO2 coma, hallucinations, and loss of sensation in parts can occur due to residual CO2. 

This product does not have cooling and dehumidification functions. If the temperature and humidity of the brooding room (the place where the brooder is installed) is higher than the brooder, the temperature and humidity cannot be lowered. An ideal environment will be any room at 68-75F with 30-40% humidity.