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Technical Help

My incubator/brooder will not power on. What can I do? 

The first things to try always would be a new socket, checking the power cord and making sure everything is connected properly. 

If that does not work, it's possible a fuse on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) needs to be replaced, or its possible that the PCB needs to be replaced entirely. We stock all of the spare parts here. Please reach out to us via the Contact Us form before buying a replacement PCB. 

I have a MX 20/50 series with a ERR 01 message. What do I do? 

An 'ERR 01' code on a Max 20/50 appears due to an issue with the sensor. In most cases, it can just be caused by a build up of dust and dirt on the sensor and just needs cleaning. 

The sensor can be found at the front of the incubator under the black grill that goes around the inside of the whole incubator. In order to access the sensor to clean it fully, remove the guard. In some cases, you will need to remove the black panel that covers the PCB . Once accessed, we would then advise unplugging the sensor and brushing it down with a soft small brush or cloth before plugging the sensor back in. 

If this does not work, then the sensor needs to be replaced. This is more common in incubators where tap water has been used instead of the recommended distilled water. Tap water will not only cause a build up of scale/calcium/limestone on the humidity unit heater but also on the sensor which can cause this error to appear. It can happen with purified water, "boiled then cooled" water and even in "soft water" areas.

My brooder only came with one working light!! Is that normal?

Good catch! All the brooders use the same base model, and in the reptile brooders, the left side light holds a UV bulb outlet. However, since mammals and birds do not need UV light like reptiles do, the outlet is not put in and a light cover is placed over the left side to close it off. There is only one dimmable LED light, which is on the right side of the brooder. 

I need help setting up my incubator.

If you are having trouble setting up your incubator, don't worry. We have some great videos to help. 


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