Refurbished Units

This is a list of units that we have that are just slightly imperfect. Each of the units here will have a brief message about the problem associated with it and still be guaranteed under our 2 year warranty. Prices include shipping to the lower 48 states. Send an email to if you are interested in any of these units. 


Juragon Reptile Max-90 - General Incubator Details

Two small dents on back of incubator, likely a manufacturing error. Unit is otherwise new, but has been tested, and is 100%. Just a cosmetic defect, and cannot be seen during daily use. $345


Bird Brooder 90, BL500 - General Brooder Details

NOT the Oxygen/Nebulizer compatible brooder. Older unit, replaced some internal parts. Tested extensively and is working perfectly. Does not have the sticker over the top that says "Bird Brooder.ICU" (instead is just black there). Comes with manuals, power cord (older style, 2 prong), and silicone tubing. In good condition cosmetically. $1045